Ique Logistics, Smyrna Georgia, Participates in Controlled Substance Internet Scam Uses Ique Medical Courier Delivery As Front

Ique Logistics, Smyrna Georgia, Participates in Controlled Substance Internet Scam Uses Ique Medical Courier Delivery As Front
Ique Logistics Medical Courier Service Front for Fake Narcotic Sales

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Ique Logistics Medical Courier out of Smyrna, GA utilizes their “Medical Courier Service” in tandem with Websites like to promote and sell controlled substances such as fentanyl. Marietta County Officials are in for an investigation. They claim to be physicians, offer an “consultation” and prescription. Sometimes, they try to get an additional payment by claiming they will report the order to law enforcement unless you pay them over $1,000. for a “legal bypass” on the delivery. There are additional websites like “” where Ique Logistics Medical Courier peddles fake doctors appointments, fake prescriptions and fake drugs, but very real threats and acceptance of your money.

This is a breaking story!! Stay Tuned! We will name ALL OWNERS, OPERATORS, OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES of Ique Logistics Medical Courier.

This is a breaking story!! Stay Tuned! Website. Offering Narcotics for BTC Cash In Conjunction With IQUE Logistics Medical Courier Service

[Return-Path: <> Delivered-To: [omitted] Received: from by with LMTP id /DAPIyq/ZGA+IQAAtF6p+g (envelope-from <>) for <omitted>; Wed, 31 Mar 2021 14:27:54 -0400 Return-path: <>]

Dear Client, 
Please note that this email comes with your parcel already being transport   and beware that you need to take into consideration every single letter since 
                                 we shall not deliver your parcel and will press charges if you do not corporate. 

You should treat this as a matter of urgency because failure to act upon this will get you into serious problems with the law. 

Your parcel has been held for lack of prescription at the Sorting Center in the MISSOURI. The said package  is to be delivered to the address below. 


Address:  (omitted)

Tracking Number: 684061543890238

Every Medication or chemicals  that goes through checks must have a ( Prescription) attached to it, Your package is without Prescription. 

So, we need you to send your prescription so that your package can be cleared for delivery. 

We’ve made a lot of friends – by Insuring their medication and compensating them in case of loss or bad quality and also ensuring a safe delivery for every medication. 

We need you to send the prescription immediately and failure to do so will land you into problems with the law. 

If you do not have a prescription then we can provide one for you through our iQue Medical Recovery Insurance Service.

Await your urgent reply.

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