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An unusual day: Agreement with Secure Arkansas

Arkansas News Headlines
Arkansas News Headlines

Secure Arkansas, with deep roots in anti-immigrant hysteria, is about as far out there politically as you can find, out there at times with the black helicopters.

But I’ve agreed with them before about the corrosive influence of special interests (the big business lobby) in Arkansas.

Today is one of those days. It has posted a long article rebuking Republican secretary of state candidate Eddie Joe Williams for attack mailers against incumbent Secretary of State John Thurston.  

Its most compelling feature is a fact I’ve talked about before — Williams serving as an in-Senate stooge for the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce when he was in the Senate and his use of a personal PAC to raise special interest money to dole out to his friends in the legislature (read, those who vote they way he wants.)

Excerpt from Secure Arkansas:

What dirty activities has Eddie Joe Williams been engaged in?

  • FACT #1:  While serving in the State Senate, Eddie Joe Williams set up his own political action committee (PAC).

  • FACT #2:  Eddie Joe Williams used his personal PAC to rake in thousands of dollars from special interests.

  • FACT #3:  “Go Eddie Joe PAC” accepted thousands of dollars from Gilbert Baker, a lobbyist indicted on felony corruption charges.

  • FACT #4:  “Go Eddie Joe PAC” accepted money from disgraced lobbyist and convicted felon Rusty Cranford.

  • FACT #5:  Eddie Joe Williams funneled his PAC dollars to convicted felon Jon Woods.

  • FACT #6:  After filing to run for Secretary of State, “Go Eddie Joe PAC” was recently re-started after years of being shut down…

Don’t see this as a Thurston endorsement. I’ll be voting for the Democratic nominee. There are two good candidates, but Josh Price, the former Pulaski County election commissioner, has a stronger background in elections and has the distinct honor of being snubbed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial page for sounding “partisan.” Translated: he’s been outspoken about opposing the Republican-backed laws that have made it harder to vote in Arkansas and the new practice by GOP-controlled election commissions of reducing polling places. He also doesn’t claim Donald Trump as a fellow traveler, a disqualifier for both the Republican candidates.

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