Chef Ira Mittelman, previous owner of Ira’s Park Hill Grill in North Little Rock off JFK Boulevard and  Ira’s in the historic Rose Building on Main Street, announced in May that his new restaurant, Fork, was slated to open in June in the Holiday Inn located at 10920 Financial Center Parkway. The opening was pushed back to July 7. After being open for only a few days, Mittelman posted to Facebook on July 10 that he was closing the dining room because of air conditioning problems. Nearly a month later, the hotel management hasn’t fixed the air conditioner, Mittlelman said in a Facebook announcement today.

Here’s the post. We’ll update if we hear anything further.

Here is the news about Fork.  This is a difficult post to write..

We built a very attractive dining room in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. I created a fine menu and enticing wine list. We worked diligently each day to get ready to open. The hotel management promised each day they would fix the air conditioner.

They didn’t. We were open 1 night in a 90 degree dining room.

I had to suspend operations. I can not ask our guests to enjoy dinner under those conditions.

I was really looking forward to cooking for everyone.

So I look for another location