As a Louisiana native, this headline grabbed my attention on another day of anti-science demagoguery by the Arkansas legislature.


I’ve watched from Arkansas over the years as my home state slipped at times even deeper into the slough of political despond than Arkansas. But it has a Democratic governor currently, who occasionally exhibits some moderate tendencies in his leadership.

An executive agency, the Louisiana Office of Public Health, not the legislature, currently sets rules for vaccinations. It has given notice of the rule change to add a COVID shot rule for those of an age approved by the FDA. There may be legislative hearings. Perhaps the Pelican State can bring in Ballinger, Garner, Stubblefield, Irvin, et. al. as expert witnesses against the outrage of protecting children and school staff from a deadly disease.


The Advocate reports on the state’s exemption procedure:

Still, Louisiana offers broad exemptions from those mandates. A student or guardian can submit a written dissent to opt out of the immunization requirement. Or they can provide a letter from a physician stating that a particular vaccine isn’t advised for medical reasons. The state Department of Education even provides a stock exemption form online.

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