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Details matter

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Another school shooting. This time in Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis. Whenever these things happen (and they happen, and happen, and happen) there is another national debate about what to do.

Guns aren’t going anywhere. If the Second Amendment says what five U.S. Supreme Court judges say it says, then take a look at the current makeup of the court and ask yourself if it’s feasible that the Second Amendment will only protect the rights of National Guard units anytime soon.

The country isn’t going to excise the amendment, either. But people will argue for hours about what to do, what to do.

Some of us think what-to-do in the immediate sense is easy: Harden the schools. Don’t allow them to be soft targets. We can do that much, and many schools do. After Columbine, some of us demanded cameras, gates and locks on doors. We were met by a flood of letters to the editor, complaining that we’d turn schools into prisons. Fast-forward a couple of decades, and can you imagine walking on campus without showing an ID, being recorded on camera, and having to pass through a locked door?

Which brings us back to the Minnesota case, and the shooting at South Education Center, an alternative school. Here is the last paragraph of the story we ran last week:

“Spokeswoman Rachel Hicks told the [Star Tribune] that South had phased out metal detectors. The district had also in recent years removed school resource officers and replaced them with student safety coaches to focus on building relationships and working on mental health issues, Hicks told the newspaper.”

Details matter. And they tell the story. Sometimes tragically.