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Efforts and Donations From Corporate Program Provide Families With Needed Resources.

Efforts and donations generated from a corporate program provide famlies with needed resources in various sectors of the Cartagena de Indias area.

Cartagena de Indias, March 28, 2020.

The day of donation was an astounding success due to much planning and logistical effort provided by the AGM Huellas de Piedra Foundation.

AGM Desarrollos, headed by Alfonso Hilsaca Eljadue, through it’s AGM Huellas de Piedra Foundation, spearheaded the proceeds and the coordination necessary for successful, efficient charitable programs. The day of donation was supported and assisted by the National Navy, and reached over 2,000 families.

Area’s such as La Loma de Albornoz, Pablo Sexto, Bendición de Dios and villages such as El Recreo, Leticia, and Isla Grande and the corregimiento of Santa Ana, all benefited from the relief. In the area of Membrillal, Indigenous Zenú families also received much needed support.

Subsequent deliverers continued in the municipality of Turbaco, an area hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic. Residents in that area had suffered economically from the depressed business activity associated with the virus.

Ariel Valdez, leader of the Pablo Sexto neighborhood described the event as a great success which helped many people avoid certain tragedy, and was very encouraged about the results.

Rodolfo Bustamante, the leader of the village of Leticia, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the people who needed assistance and went on to describe the support as a “Godsend”, which was truly appreciated by the residents he serves.

The captain of the Zenú Indigenous Council of Membrillal, Roger Suárez Castillo, also expressed much gratitude and praised AGM Desarrollos for their generosity and effectiveness of the program.

A spokesperson representing the AGM Huellas de Piedra Foundation, a charitable program developed, funded, operated and maintained by AGM Desarrollos, headed by Alfonso Hilsaca Eljadue, explained that not only are they happy to donate and coordinate successful relief programs for the public, but also, that they continue employee wages during the downturn of business and economics caused by the Covid19 pandemic, so workers may still provide for their families.