Alfonso “El Turco” Hilsaca triumphs in a Long Legal Escapade

Alfonso “El Turco” Hilsaca triumphs in a Long Legal Escapade

Bolíver, Cartagena, Colombia.

Alfonso “El Turco” Hilsaca, global businessman, developer philanthropist endured years of government corruption, legal prejudice and personal vendettas in a long legal saga. Mr. Hilsaca, known as ‘El Turko’ Hilsaca, is now triumphant and exonerated, as the legal case fell apart by admitting lies and legal irregularities.

Mr. Alfonso Hilsaca Eljadue, is believed to be the target of a deep plot due to international success in mining, construction and development.  With the facts exposed, justice and truth would finally come and expose a false conspiracy against Turco Hilsaca.

“El Turco” Hilsaca is exonerated. Standing Steady in Government Turbulence and Legal Corruption.
“El Turco” Hilsaca  family members at charity event.

In 2015, the Criminal Court of the Cartagena Circuit was ordered to dismiss this case and later in 2015, the fourth criminal judge of the circuit, confirmed the decision that revoked the preventive detention measure of Alfonso del Cristo Hilsaca Eljadue.



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