Face 2 Face – Michael Albright – Oklahoma State University

Face 2 Face – Michael Albright – Oklahoma State University

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Friday, October 15, 2021

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Bailey Stacy | Communications Coordinator | 405-744-2700 | bailey.stacy@okstate.edu

Michael Albright is the 92nd Pistol Pete, but that may be the least impressive thing
about him.

After Albright was born, his family made a pit stop driving home from the hospital
to show off Albright at their small business in Stillwater and began teaching him
the family business. It didn’t take him long to realize he wanted to study business
at Oklahoma State University, specifically accounting.

“My mom was an accounting minor and she strongly suggested that I go into the accounting
field. I like problem solving and I really enjoy that kind of finance,” Albright said.

Albright attended his first OSU football game at four weeks old, where he found Pistol
Pete on the field. Albright’s parents often joke that this was the moment he decided
he would audition for Pete someday.

“When I was young, I liked superheroes, Batman and Superman were my favorite ones.
I came to the football game and saw Pete down on the field, gun-toting sheriff, tough
guy and that resonated with me as a superhero and that’s what I wanted to be,” Albright

At a young age Albright knew what he wanted to achieve and in the meantime he would
figure out how to get there.

What sets Pistol Pete apart from mascots at other universities is how heavily Pistol
Pete is integrated into the OSU brand. Other NCAA mascots have multiple people who
entertain the crowd at events.

At OSU, there are only two Pistol Petes every year who split over 500 appearances.
You can find Pete at sporting events, weddings, birthday parties and anywhere else
you can think of, Pete can be there. During a busy season it’s not uncommon for Albright
to make 10 appearances in a week. If you’re looking for Albright, he will always be
the Pete with the white bandana in his back jean pocket.

“It’s a lot of work but, if you plan right, work with your professors and you make
sure everything is lined out, it’s not hard to get done,” Albright said.

Not just anyone can be Pete, even Albright did not make it in his first audition.
Although he was disappointed, he continued with school and all his other extracurricular
activities. After realizing the 45-pound Pete head may look a little strange on his
small frame, Albright decided he needed to gain weight to better maneuver the Pete

“I reached out to one of the strength and conditioning coaches here at Oklahoma State
and hired one of his interns and had him train me every single night for a year and
a half until I actually tried out,” said Albright, who gained about 35 pounds and
found he was much more capable of handling the expectations of being Pete with the
additional weight.

The next time he auditioned, he earned the title of the 92nd Pistol Pete.

“If you really commit yourself to it and if it’s something you really want, there’s
not much that can stop you,” Albright said.

Albright is a student in the 4+1 Accounting program at Spears Business.

“School’s going great! I love school,” Albright said. “I’m really thankful for all
the people that helped me to get where I am because I graduated early and started
my master’s program during my final year as Pete.”

Along with concurrent credit from high school, he was able to complete his undergraduate
requirements in three years and begin his graduate classes a year early and earn both
degrees in five years. The 4+1 program allows students to begin graduate coursework
while fulfilling their undergraduate requirements.

Albright credits a lot of success to his accounting professors and the relationship
he has been able to build with them.

“I could really name all of the accounting faculty as mentors,” Albright said. “Any
time something good happens to me or I do well, even outside of accounting, they’re
always the first ones to reach out and congratulate me. They are some of the top-of-the-line
professors out there, no question asked.”

In May 2022, Albright will graduate with a master’s degree in accounting. Albright
will hang his very large orange hat up as he wraps up his time as Pistol Pete. He
plans to take the Certified Public Accountant exam, but right now he is preparing
for the Law School Admission Test.

“Give it your all and just don’t give up,” Albright said.

He has been able to achieve his lifelong goals and begins to set his sights on his
next goal, attending law school in the fall of 2022. While Albright doesn’t know where
he will be attending law school, he looks forward to using his experiences at Spears
Business and as Pistol Pete to work toward his new goals.

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