February CIO Updates – The University of Tulsa

February CIO Updates – The University of Tulsa

What a month!

First and foremost, for those that showed up for our IT Open Forum on Friday, February 21, I need to extend all the apologies! We had competing obligations appear unexpectedly and didn’t get adequate communication out about the change. I own this entirely, am fully accountable and we have rescheduled the event for Monday, March 9th 11am-12noon in the Student Union, Chouteau Room. Come one, come all.

Secondly, STUDENTS, we need your input. Please look for flyers across campus to share with us YOUR feedback and insight on campus technology. The Educause Technology Survey is just for you and ends this Friday, February 28. Without your feedback, we make decisions on your behalf. No one needs that. We need YOUR voice. If you need a link to the survey, please email me – paige-francis@utulsa.edu

Now back to regular programming.

We’ve experienced a handful of outages this month and we are hoping that our communications met your expectations. We are a learning and living team, growing every day in knowledge and skills and we are investing our whole selves into deeply improving the technology experience at the University of Tulsa. We are not shooting for innovation quite yet. Our goals are security, stability, sustainability and value. Value meaning empowering our campus to do their job faster, smarter, with less manual paper shuffling. Hashtag goals. We will get there.

Earlier this month, we implemented a technology spending freeze while we establish basic standards. By the end of February, we hope to share policy, procedure and those specific standards for basic personal computer needs on campus. Next will come classroom standards, then print! But first things first. These standards will be established campus-wide within 30 days. TU, *YOU* empower this pace by supporting our efforts. We thank you.

Coming soon –

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Clarity surround our web environment and WordPress
  • Updates on backup/recovery
  • Introduction of a new branch on our IT governance tree
  • Investing in improving our system of record, Colleague

Again, what a month! We have approximately 20 weeks left in this fiscal year. We have Spring Break around the corner. Time is moving too fast. We are in Zink Hall. We are proud to serve this campus and we welcome you for a visit, a discussion, an introduction. We will also come to you. Name the time, TU! Thank you for everything you do. Happy February!

Next Open Forum:

Monday, March 9, 2020
Student Union, Chouteau Room

Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Email me: paige-francis@utulsa.edu

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