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Find UAE Start-up Sprout the Health First Plant-based Kids Food Business at EXPO 2020

UAE start-up Sprout is the brainchild of Biochemist Oz Erbas and Marketing Technologist, Katerina Papatryfon. The two mothers wanted to feed their own children wholesome, nutritious food based on scientific research and realizing there are not many genuinely healthy options in the market launched Sprout. One of the root causes of most lifestyle diseases in particular auto-immune is the kind of diet people consume from a very young age. Sprout aims to feed children 100% plant-based, highly nutritious foods so that they can develop healthy eating habits from a young age.

Sprout Stand EXPO

The little food jars are jam-packed with nutrients: fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which are meticulously calculated for maximum absorption.

Sprout children’s food is built and designed by chefs and nutritionist scientists and tested by children. The special expo menu includes customer favorites like the classic ‘Mac A’int Cheese‘ and ‘Panquesitos‘ a pancake made of sweet potato with a homemade apple compote, ‘Mafi Moo Shake‘ a wholesome plant milk sweetened with dates, cocoa, strawberry, and banana.

Sprout is a proud liaison of the Physicians Association of Nutrition (PAN, www.pan-int.org); all Sprout recipes are prepared in collaboration with nutrition experts and the company stays up-to-date on the latest in pediatric nutrition research by attending medical congresses and events. Sprout’s food philosophy is inspired by the life-long work of world-famous nutrition expert and physician, Dr. Michael Greger and his ‘Daily Dozen framework.

During the Dubai EXPO, 2020 Sprout has an ongoing competition where people can enter to win a 1 month free of healthy meals delivered to their doorstep! In celebration of the Golden, Jubilee people can enjoy a main, a small bite and a Popsicle for just 50 AED. Customers can also order Sprout meals directly to their home and subscribe for a monthly packages for their convenience.

Where to find Sprout: Mobility Area (next to the Korean pavilion and opposite the carousel).