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Five Tulsa Public Schools go virtual due to Covid

TULSA, OK — Winter break may be over, but some Tulsa students are not yet going back to school. Oklahoma’s recent COVID-19 surge has led to so many school staff absences, several local schools are turning to virtual learning for their students.

Students at Central Middle School and Central High School, Rogers Middle School and Rogers High School, and McLain High School are starting 2022 with distance learning. All of the schools are part of the Tulsa Public School system.

Nevertheless, each of the schools will continue providing breakfast and lunch to students, and all school sports activities will continue as planned.

Oklahoma, which has the highest number of Covid deaths per capita, is in the midst of a major virus surge as the Omicron variant crosses the threshold from the previous Delta variant. According to Dr. Cameron Webb, of the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 Equity task force, all adults should take a booster dose at six months after their initial jab.

In an interview with The Black Wall St Times, Dr. Webb also addressed parents who are concerned about their children taking the pediatric dose of the vaccine. “Just as we protect our kids by providing bike helmets, we must protect them from this virus by getting kids vaccinated.”

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Meanwhile, Oklahoma’s current 7-day rolling average for infections stands at nearly 3000 cases per day. Home testing kits are in short supply, and local hospitals are beginning to get overwhelmed, not only with COVID-19 patients but also due to staff shortages from the extremely contagious nature of the virus. 

However, there is still reason for optimism among Oklahomans. According to Dr. Bruce Dart, director of the Tulsa Health Department, “Omicron is the latest variant but if we all come together, it could be the last!”

To schedule your Covid19 vaccine or booster, go to vaccinate.oklahoma.gov or your local pharmacy.