Freebies: A look ahead for the legislature

Freebies: A look ahead for the legislature

I’m happy to note that, with little serious work to do, the legislature will have time for some play next week.

On the social calendar so far is a big spread of food and drink Tuesday by the powerful Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce. They can yuk it up about how they hope to stymie popular citizen input on the ballot.

On Thursday, representatives and senators can mosey over to a Capitol Hill office for a free lunch hosted by a pair of Republican lobbying firms, contractors and the mobile home lobby.

In theory the law prohibits lobbyists from providing free food and drink to legislators. The legislature passed a law waiving this rule when all members of the House and/or  Senate are invited to an event.  Or even simply all members of a single committee.

In legal theory, too, convening of the legislature is supposed to be in public. In practice, the filthy public wouldn’t be welcome if they tried to gain admittance to an all-comers lobby event.

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