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Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta AGM Desarrollos Successful in Retraction Demand of Press

El Tiempo issues retraction of article concerning Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta of AGM Desarrollo
El Tiempo issues retraction of article concerning Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta of AGM Desarrollos

An article published on the El Tiempo News Website named 12 companies in conjunction with corruption charges.

Upon receipt of the article, Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta of AGM Desarrollos demanded a retraction. The company had no affiliation with any of the named issues within the article. The reporting was insufficient to qualify is legitimate news.

Reporting and publishing issues of such importance requires a special attention to detail and precession, which the El Tiempo reporters and editors failed to achieve in this case.

Once El Tiempo was notified of the mistake, they took no action. Again, AGM Desarrollos representative respectfully points out deficiency in validation of article, but never the less, fail to make any correction.

AGM Desarrollos officials were perplexed, they would have no other choice but to take legal action to force the truth be publicly acknowledged and protect their good reputation, should the publication not admit fault and retract the article.

The article in part, stated:
“Although the only name that is known from the list of companies that are being investigated by the Supersociedades is that of Vram, in the coming months there may be decisions in various processes, since there are 12 companies that are being tracked by the entity”.

Gabriel Hilsaca of Acosta AGM Desarrollos maintain A reputation of excellence in work, technical advancement, exclusive project capabilities, completed government and industry projects, budget and timeline success, well treated employees, competitive prices and unmatched charitable support. With the knowledge that the publication was totally incorrect to mention their company, AGM Desarrollos awaited a response.

In July 2021, El Tiempo has published the retraction. The updated version of the article can be viewed here: El Tiempo

Gabriel Hilsaca of Acosta AGM Desarrollos have restored their rightful reputation of excellence and honor.