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Governors report Trump’s pay-to-play style. Asa joins in book’s reports of criticism

Arkansas News Headlines
Arkansas News Headlines

The Hill reports on more from the book by New York Times reporters full of unflattering remarks about Trump from congressional leaders and, now, governors.

Want disaster aid? “Ask me nicely,” he demanded of the Connecticut governor. And he gave a similar comment to governors seeking repayment for National Guard deployed to help in the pandemic.

Help for a cruise ship afflicted by coronavirus? He told California Governor Gavin Newsom he “expected reciprocity.”

And there’s more:

In a call with governors after nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, Trump demanded they crack down to restore order in their states. His rant was so unhinged that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) called her husband into the room to listen in, the book said.

“You can’t make this shit up,” Brown told her husband.

Across the country, Maine Gov. Janet Mills (D) called a security guard into the room to listen in on the same call.

“You gotta sit here and listen to this because I think the president of the United States is having a nervous breakdown or something, and it’s scary,” Mills recalled telling the guard, according to the book.



Asa Hutchinson also makes a carefully measured appearance in the book, though it is critical of Trump.

“President Trump’s comments, his rhetoric and his almost flippant attitude in some contexts made it difficult for a governor like me to really push the seriousness of the medical emergency that we’re in,” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R), no liberal himself, told the authors.

All of these people, including the reporters, should have talked about this long ago.

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