Catchup on a federal court decision in Florida last month:

Mike and Janet Huckabee came up losers along with other plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging a Florida county’s order to temporarily close beaches in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


The Huckabees then owned a beachfront home near Destin. They and others sued over an unconstitutional “taking” because the Walton County order closed not only the public portion of the beaches in front of their property for 29 days, but also kept them off their private beachfront property — sand between dunes and the tidal boundary of the public portion of the beach.

Judge Robert Hinkle ruled Oct. 20 against the plaintiffs. They were able to use most of their property for 337 days of the year, he said, and the county properly exercised its police power during a public health emergency, according to an account from nwfdaily news. 


The judge said no damages were in order and the request for an injunction was moot because the ban had been lifted. He dismissed the case.

The Huckabees’ sale of the Blue Mountain Beach house was reported in February. They’ve moved back to Little Rock to join family, including daughter Sarah Sanders, who is running for governor.


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