Kansas City Streetcar Midtown Housing Project Proposed

Kansas City Streetcar Midtown Housing Project Proposed

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Another grand scheme plan was hatched this week in hopes that an outdated form of fixed rail transit will inspire more confidence amongst local investors . . .

Kansas City real estate developers hope to deposit thousands of high-rent new residents along the a sketchy and often violent part of Midtown and then see what happens.

Take a peek . . .

It doesn’t show it on the diagram but this locale is where, on separate occasions, two gay dudes were ruthlessly gunned down in murders that were pretty hateful even if they didn’t merit the distinctive government label as such.

Here’s the pitch that www.TonysKansasCity.com stole quoted from a lesser blog . . .

“The $110 million proposal also would renovate the old New Yorker apartment building at 3521 Baltimore, adapt the US Bank office building at the corner into retail, offices and residential, and build two smaller apartment buildings at Armour and Baltimore.”

Now, the best case here is that the big money effort will push out all of the poor people and transform this part of Kansas City into an enclave for upwardly mobile professionals and more hipsters & mistresses living off daddy’s money. 

I guess that might be cool. I’m sure a half dozen more local coffee shops are part of the plan. 

However, the track record of KC developers has been mixed at best and this scheme predicated on the future of toy train transit amid the ongoing plague seems . . . Far fetched.

Sadly, I’m sure KC taxpayers will end up funding it.

Developing . . .

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