Kansas City Urban Core Castle Coming Soon!!!

Kansas City Urban Core Castle Coming Soon!!!

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The Summer selling season has been just as confusing, paranoid and misunderstood as everything else during his pandemic epoch.

Many locals thought they were sitting on a gold mine only to realize that home prices overall endured one of the greatest inflationary bubbles we’ve seen for nearly a century.

Accordingly, this bit of Kansas City real estate history is worth a peek for denizens of www.TonysKansasCity.com because it’ll be hitting the market soon . . .

We don’t imagine many TKC have the cash to buy a castle or the wherewithal to live the good life inside the urban core. Still, it’s nice to daydream.

Check some AMAZING PIX AND WORTHWHILE REAL ESTATE PR0N via Hyperblogal . . .

When Your Home Is A Castle

In 1887 William Hockaday Wallace married Mary Chiles and had a new home built for them at 3200 Gladstone Boulevard. Sometime next year ( 2022) this home will be on the market. No price information yet. Below are views of the home from the time of its construction.

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