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As the new eviction moratorium countdown begins . . . Here’s a peek at activists mobilizing with pretty good turnout. 

Off camera insiders tell us that more than two dozen po-po also monitored the event.

There’s a livestream via FB that’s worth a peek . . . 

Check the mission statement . . .

A promo for the event . . .

“For far too long, tenants in Kansas City have been forced to live in unhealthy conditions, harassed, exploited, and displaced. For what? For the slumlords to profit. For the gentrifiers to extract from our communities. And THAT ain’t right.

“Since 2019, KC Tenants has demanded that this city put people before profit. After the last year, we’re done demanding, and we’re here to take what we’re owed. From the gross misuse of public funds, to unlivable conditions at Gabriel Tower, to the mass displacement at the Professional Building Lofts, to the violent evictions happening weekly during a global pandemic, to our unhoused neighbors forced to live and die on the streets… we’re not gonna take it anymore. IT IS TIME FOR A TENANT RECKONING.

“We dream of a Kansas City that invests in our communities and divests from our oppressors. We dream of a Kansas City where every one of us has a safe, accessible, truly affordable home. We have schemed about a People’s Housing Trust Fund that creates the space in our City’s budget to make this vision a reality.

“At the Tenant Reckoning, we will diagnose the problem and propose an alternative. We will, together, envision a better world. The rally will take place at Gabriel Tower Apartments, ground zero for the tenant struggle against slumlords, gentrifiers, and the police. Join us for a historic moment in Kansas City, a turning point towards long-lasting people power. “

Update . . . As always the demands are about money . . . 

41 Action News: KC Tenants proposes ‘People’s Housing Trust Fund’ at rally

Developing . . .

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