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Not along party lines

I’m an independent voter, without the Bernie sticker, who votes for the most qualified candidate, not along party lines. I asked some Cabot voters a few civics questions.

1. What congressional district are you in, and who is your U.S. representative?

2. What congressional district are your friends from Beebe and Jacksonville in, and who is their U.S. representative?

3. Who are your U.S. senators?

4. What political party are they affiliated with?

5. Who are you going to vote for this November?

The answers to the above easy questions were: What? Who? Don’t know, and I’ll vote for Trump, Sarah–she was a great secretary of state for Trump–and Cotton because he likes Trump.

So sad and shallow. Don’t think God can get us thinking right and back on track.

P.S. Why do the sheriff, clerk, coroner, JPs, constable, assessor, treasurer, tax collector, etc., have to be affiliated with a party?



What will stop Putin?

Ukraine. Yes, the situation worries me. I don’t like the concept of war in any sense, regardless of circumstances. I understand at times that personal safety, protecting one’s country and family and protection of one’s friends and allies requires a strong response.

That said, throughout history wars have mostly been about the psychological bugaboos surrounding four elements: turf, territory, title and ego.

Many times, one or more of these elements are the motivating factors of wars. In the case of Vladimir Putin, his ordered invasion of Ukraine encompasses three (maybe all four) of those elements. He has his turf, wants more territory, believes he is ordained as the world’s leader and has a gargantuan ego.

With those four elements at work, what will stop him? Ukraine borders? Since when in history did borders stop any invader set on domination, increasing his power and influence and believing that conquering others was his destiny?



Seriously, just dumb

Do you want to hear something dumb? There are reports coming in now of Russian restaurants, located in the West, suffering from vandalism. Remember when we started mistreating Asians after the start of covid-19? Some mentally challenged folks still avail themselves of an opportunity to attack a Sikh, convinced that they’re Muslim simply because of their headdress. Their headdress resembles nothing from Islamic culture.

I’m not going to challenge myself with trying to produce a hi-falutin’ argument here, with fine words that require a dictionary to read. Dumb is just dumb. Period.


Little Rock

Manipulating issues

A recent study showed that people are more likely to vote for strong authoritarian leaders if they believe the moral fabric of society is decaying, in which case they turn to a strongman to set it right. This may explain why the right has worked for so many decades to gin up completely fake moral issues.

One such fake–that seems almost quaint in these days of QAnon conspiracies–is the myth of late-term and partial-birth abortions. How may Americans know that Roe v. Wade does not protect late-term abortions? Such abortions are, and have always been, illegal unless performed for medical reasons, usually because the fetus is dead or dying. To fall for this propaganda, people have to believe that there are women who endure the hardship of pregnancy for several months and then kill their babies for no special reason. Seemingly smart people fall for this nonsense and in the process villainize couples for choosing to terminate hopeless pregnancies.

Once we understand the reason for the decision, we have two options on how to proceed: destroy the ill-fated fetus in the womb and risk harming the mother, or remove it partly from the womb to avoid that risk, so called “partial -birth abortions,” a misleading term.

The purpose of fake moral issues is to manipulate some Americans to demonize other Americans for the political gain of the manipulator. After years of this, it is not hard to understand why we now have groups that believe that one party is trafficking in child sex on a large scale or worshiping the devil or engaging in human sacrifice and other nonsense.

Can we wise up and stop hating our fellow Americans and start solving our shared problems? Hint: An authoritarian is not the answer.