Mac Jones’ F-bomb offensive play-calling rant caught on the sidelines

Mac Jones’ F-bomb offensive play-calling rant caught on the sidelines

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones had a front row seat to the offense imploding in Thursday night’s primetime matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

The biggest issue for many, including Jones, appears to be the offensive play-calling. Matt Patricia’s struggles continued in the game against a Bills team that was clearly banged up on the defensive side of the ball. But even with key players missing, the unit completely dominated the Patriots offense.

Perhaps the most creative move was flanking defensive back Marcus Jones out wide for the only touchdown of the game. Outside of that play, it was nothing but run plays and quick outs to the sidelines for bite-sized gains. Patriots fans weren’t the only ones angered by the conservative play-calling, either.

An angry Mac Jones was caught on the sideline yelling for the offense to open things up a bit more downfield.

“Throw the [expletive] ball. [Expletive] quick game sucks,” Jones appears to be saying.

The Patriots have struggled to find offensive consistency under Patricia’s play-calling.

Granted, it would be easy to blame the assistant coach for the problems with the offense, but this all falls back on the shoulders of head coach Bill Belichick, who opted to put Patricia in that position over hiring a new offensive coordinator. It was clearly a huge mistake that the entire team is paying for right now.


Twitter was full of angry reactions, following Patriots’ loss to Bills

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire

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