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Many are saying Mark Lowery’s voter suppression legislation is not something to brag about

A state representative who filed a mountain of voter suppression bills during the 2021 legislative session took to Facebook this weekend to brag about a note of support from fellow master of misinformation Donald Trump.

Mark Lowery, a Maumelle Republican with an uncomfortable ardor for the Founding Fathers and a penchant for making up a new excuse every time he violates campaign finance reporting requirements, is running for secretary of state. Lowery will take on John Thurston, the Republican incumbent, and Josh Price, a Democrat and former Pulaski County election commissioner who helped defend voting rights during the contentious November 2020 vote count. The filing deadline isn’t until March 1, 2022, and more candidates could emerge.


Mark Lowery sure does like Donald Trump a lot.

A vote for Lowery is a vote for Trump? That seems to be the message of his Sunday post to social media.


Lowery has been cheerleading for Trump for years now. The New York Times featured Lowery’s voter suppression efforts in a June 2021 story that included a mention of the sour grapes Pulaski County Republicans continue to suck on after losing a seat to Democratic newcomer Ashley Hudson. Lowery defended his efforts to strip local officials of their power after the close race, saying, “it was necessary to remove election power from the local authorities, who in Pulaski County are Democrats, because otherwise Republicans could not get a fair shake.” If that’s the case, how could Democrats get a fair shake at the state level, where Republicans run the show? Lowery didn’t address that question.

In the same article, Lowery told The New York Times he still believed Trump was the rightful 2020 winner. It’s a laughable premise, but one that could help Lowery earn some votes in blood-red Arkansas.