Mayor Q Hides Behind Kansas City Star Paywall After Weekend Slaughter

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On this town’s taxpayer subsidized blog the bankrupt “journalists” are providing Mayor Quinton Lucas a “safe space” free from criticism.

Notice the Mayor hasn’t said much about the recent spate of killing on his social media channels wherein pushback would remain open to the public.

Instead, the Mayor is hiding in comment free newspaper room editorial hangouts and hypes an anti-violence plan that seems remarkably familiar . . . Checkit:

Mayor Quinton Lucas called how the city reduces violence its “existential question.”

“We can’t just sit back every weekend and say, you know, ‘We got six people dead who don’t need to be dead, but we don’t have a real way we’re trying to answer it,’” he said . . .

In a call with The Star, Lucas said he plans to announce this month an initiative that marshals resources that already exist in the city to combat violence. He said he intends to work with the police, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office and other stakeholders from government and nonprofit sectors to “try to at least give it a go on things like enhanced support for intervention-type resources.”

Developing . . .

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