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NFL fines Jalen Ramsey $10,300 for taunting vs. Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey’s taunting penalty against the Jaguars cost more than just 15 yards. It’ll also take a chunk out of the All-Pro cornerback’s wallet. According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Ramsey has been fined $10,300 for his infraction against Jacksonville last week.

After making a tackle, Ramsey stood over the ball carrier and shook his head, resulting in a 15-yard penalty. It was hardly an egregious infraction by Ramsey, but it was enough to draw a flag.

Ramsey has been called for taunting a few times this season as the NFL continues to crack down on players taunting their opponents. It’s been a big point of emphasis among officials, which has frustrated both players and fans.

Fortunately, Ramsey’s penalty didn’t cost the Rams the game despite giving Jacksonville a free 15 yards, but he won’t be happy about having to pay $10,300 for it.