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Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand The Free Spirits Company Announces Distribution Across Canada

Now, cocktail lovers in Canada can enjoy their favorite drinks without alcohol.

Free Spirits is excited to announce a partnership with newly launched Canada-wide online marketplace and delivery service, Sansorium.com. With Canadian consumers increasingly balancing healthy, energetic lifestyles with a desire to enjoy social occasions to the fullest, Sansorium founders Kathryn Hepher, Fiona Hepher and Sarah Hepher-Tejuco recognized the need for delicious and indulgent beverages that create and nurture the social connections we crave, while eliminating the side-effects of alcohol

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sansorium to make Free Spirits available to all the Canadians who appreciate a fine cocktail as much as we do,” said Milan Martin, Founder of The Free Spirits Company. “With Sansorium, we’ve found like-minded partners who also believe that alcohol does not have to be the focus of a great drink or a good time.”

In addition to Sansorium, Free Spirits are distributed in Canada by https://drinkrivalhouse.com/ and https://www.soberlicious.ca/ and will be available at grocery stores, bars and restaurants across the country soon.

By replacing the traditional spirit 1:1 with Free Spirits, drinkers can now enjoy non-alcoholic versions of their favorite cocktails with all the flavor they would expect and none of the effects of alcohol.

The Free Spirit Company uses a process called Distillate Reconstruction wherein they source natural ingredients like American White Oak, European Juniper, and Mexican Blue Agave then distill and extract the essential oils and flavors. Those distillates are recombined in ways that honor the nose, taste, and mouthfeel of traditional spirits while skipping the fermentation process. For that little something extra, each one of the Free Spirits is infused with vitamins B3 and B6 along with naturally uplifting amino acids like taurine. 

Located on the Pacific Ocean, among the giant redwoods in Marin County, CA, The Free Spirits Company is not a teetotalling full-time sobriety advocate. “We are cocktail people who enjoy something complex and delicious, but who don’t always want the effects that come with alcohol,” adds Martin. The Free Spirits Company believes that having genuine interactions, exciting times and delicious drinks are not contingent on alcohol. The days without great non-alcoholic options are over, it is time to break free. 

The Free Spirits Company is now offering three expressions.

The Spirit of Bourbon is a rich, oaky, caramel-kissed non-alcoholic alternative to a great Kentucky Bourbon. The oak-caramel nose is followed by a velvety-smooth, malty brown sugar finish, making The Spirit of Bourbon the heart and soul of your favorite cocktail.

The Spirit of Gin is a smooth, bright and floral non-alcoholic alternative to a London Dry Gin. With the fresh nose of juniper, followed by notes of citrus, coriander and cardamom, The Spirit of Gin never fails to excite and refresh.

The Spirit of Tequila is made in the spirit of an oaky, vanilla kissed Reposado. With an earthy, spicy nose and a smoky, agave-forward palate, The Spirit of Tequila will ignite the moment and keep the conversation on the sunny side of the street.

Free Spirits retail for $37/bottle and are available for purchase for at:





SOURCE The Free Spirits Company

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