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One Punch MMA Helps to Strengthen the Ties between India and Israel through MMA


The first major collaboration between India & Israel in the field of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was successfully held in Mumbai recently. One Punch MMA tied up with highly acclaimed Israeli MMA fighter, Mr. Ido Pariente. Mr. Pariente is a Third-Degree Black Belt holder in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a 13-6 Pro MMA record and has been a highly acclaimed international fighter who is currently an active coach and runs the Pariente Academy in Israel and also heads the IMMAF federation in Israel.

Preparing the Next Generation of Fighters

This collaboration between IDO & One PunchMMA has raised the standards of MMA training in India while at the same time also providing the right platform for budding fighters. The event was a huge success as fighters from different parts of the country participated in the BJJ & MMA camps that were conducted over two weekends. During the week Mr. Pariente conducted sessions at the gym for all the members.

Speaking about his visit to India, Mr. Pariente said, “My first visit to India was a wonderful experience. I was amazed to see the talent here as some of them are naturally gifted athletes with inborn talent but with limited resources and platforms. With the right training, guidance and opportunities they can become World champions. I look forward to visiting Indian very soon again this year.

One Punch also welcomed the young kids from the Oscar Foundation which works closely with the Israeli consulate for the underprivileged children. These kids got an opportunity to learn self defence moves in BJJ from Mr. Pariente himself and it was a great learning experience for them. This event with the Oscar Foundation was graced with the presence of the Deputy Consul General Mrs. Dahlia Nuemann from the Israel consulate in Mumbai. She encouraged this initiative and was glad that this will further deepen ties between both the nations as this happened during the celebration of 30 years of diplomatic ties between India and Israel.

The BJJ and MMA camps lead the One Punch MMA fighters to win 5 medals in the recently held Maharashtra state MMA championship. All 5 Fighters reached the finals and won 4 silvers & 1 gold in various categories. The fighter who won the gold was crowned the MMA State Youth Champion in the Strawweight category. It was the first championship that One Punch MMA participated in and also won medals. This only affirms the effectiveness of coach Ido’s training during his visit.

Highlighting this, a spokesperson from One Punch MMA said, “With Ido pariente on board, we are confident that we can provide training to prepare fighters that matches global MMA training standards. Indian fighters need not travel abroad to get the best training but can find it in One Punch MMA.

One Punch MMA will be providing platforms to all upcoming fighters under the guidance and mentorship of Coach Ido Pariente. One Punch is committed to raising the standards of training in Indian MMA so that the fighters in India will not have to travel abroad to learn. With one of the best team of coaches now, One Punch is ready to produce some of the best fighters in the country in the coming times.

About One Punch MMA

One Punch MMA is the leading MMA platform in India. It is a premium martial arts training gym where students are taught four forms of martial arts- boxing, muay thai, brazilian jiu-jitsu & wrestling.

To complement the MMA training, they also have a complete strength and conditioning set up where one can develop strength and also do their endurance and functional training with state of art equipment.

One Punch MMA is affiliated to the IMMAF federation in India.