Other days

Other days

100 years ago

Oct. 20, 1921

• Burl Cordell, who was arrested by Motorcycle Patrolman Franklin yesterday after he had leaped from a Paige automobile, leaving the car to plunge into another car parked at the curb, last night admitted to the police that he had stolen the car in Memphis Tuesday afternoon. Patrolman Franklin first saw Cordell in the car on Gaines street between Second and Third and recognized the car as the one the Memphis police had asked the local police to be on the lookout for. The officer called the driver to stop, but Cordell applied the gas and sped to Markham, turning west. After Patrolman had fired several shots into the air in an effort to stop the car he called, “The next shot will be to kill”, whereupon Cordell leaped from the running automobile and was captured. The car smashed into a car parked on the side of street, but neither car was seriously damaged.

50 years ago

Oct. 20, 1971

HOT SPRINGS — The Hot Springs police raided the Paris Book Stall Monday and confiscated six “peep show” machines. Authorities said Jerry Leon Gibbs, an employee of the bookstore, was charged with violations of Arkansas’s pornography statutes and was released after posting $500 bond. Officers said an attempt was made to raid another adult store in Hot Springs, but that the store was closed when authorities arrived.

25 years ago

Oct. 20, 1996

MAYNARD — A man and a woman are in custody after police raided a drug lab in Randolph County and seized what authorities say is a large amount of the illegal drug methamphetamine. Law officers from Randolph and Lawrence, as well as state police, took part in the raid Thursday at a house near Maynard. Police say they found methamphetamine in various stages of manufacture and also in finished form. When officers entered the house, police say, a man tried to attack them and a scuffle resulted.

10 years ago

Oct. 20, 2011

• Local churches and nonprofits, in partnership with the city, are hosting a community party Saturday night in southwest Little Rock to cap off a day of community service. The party at the Southwest Community Center starts at 6 p.m. and will wrap up a long day of landscaping, street cleanup, debris removal and yard cleanup for older residents and those with disabilities. The community outreach event, called i-Serve, starts at 8 a.m. at the community center, and from there members of various churches and organizations will spread out through surrounding neighborhoods of Wakefield, Geyer Springs, Windamere, and Cloverdale for service projects. The community party will feature free music, food and games, and 134 box fans will be distributed. The Southwest Community Center is at 6401 Base Line Road.

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