Patents awarded to Arkansans

Oct. 5, 2021

Patent 11,134,605 B1. Dual Seed Meter for Planting Crops and Improving Crop Yields. Issued to Mark Pirani and Sam Pirani, both of Marion. Assigned to Adolph Pirani Corp. of Marion.

Patent 11,134,820 B1. Floor Machine with Attachment System. Issued to Kevin Douglas Brady of Jonesboro. Assigned to Square Scrub LLC of Jonesboro.

Patent 11,135,547 B1. Air Cooled Condensing Heat Exchanger System with Acid Condensate Neutralizer. Issued to Kwangkook Jeong of Jonesboro. Assigned to Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, State University.

Patent 11,135,669 B2. Method and Device for a High Temperature Vacuum-Safe Solder Resist Utilizing Laser Ablation of Solderable Surfaces for an Electronic Module Assembly. Issued to Jennifer Stabach of Rogers, Brice McPherson of Fayetteville and Chad B. O’Neal of Springdale. Assigned to Cree Inc. of Durham, N.C.

Patent 11,135,826 B1. Label Stacking Machine and Method. Issued to Paul Browning of Morrilton; Gene Bethards of Benton; Scott Aten of Little Rock; Brian LeFevre of Aurora, Colo., and Patrick Cross of Golden, Colo. Assigned to Electronic Imaging Services Inc. of Little Rock.

Patent 11,136,785 B2. Elevator Fixture Magnetic Slide Latch and Control Box Equipped Therewith. Issued to Sam Jeremy David McClure of Belleview and Jake Dalton Tyler of Atkins. Assigned to Innovation Industries Inc. of Russellville.

Patent 11,137,765 B2. Smart Item Storage Cart System. Issued to Ryan DeJarnette of Fayetteville, Matthew Kelly of Bella Vista and Jeffrey Green of Bentonville. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 11,138,551 B2. Bundled Application for Load Management System. Issued to Jimmy Easter of Bentonville and Jason Kyle Wellington of Bella Vista. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 11,138,554 B2. Automated Inspection System. Issued to Brandon Johnsen and Riley Turben, both of Bentonville; Terry Osbon of Fayetteville, and Joshua Bohling and Craig Trudo, both of Centerton. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 11,138,556 B2. System and Method for Iterative Improvements to Pre-Count Inventory Rules. Issued to Robert Taylor of Rogers; Justin Smith, Smita Sharda and Jyoti Malik, all of Bentonville; Joshua Ridgeway of Lowell, and Megan Humphreys of Twinsburg, Ohio. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 11,138,557 B2. Systems and Methods for Providing Substitute Products in Place of Ordered Products That Are Out of Stock. Issued to Sai Phaneendra Sri Harsha Viswanath Putcha of Bentonville, Donald R. High of Noel, Mo., and Chandrashekar Natarajan of Valencia, Calif. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 138,641 B2. Systems and Methods for Providing Location-Based Time-Limited Services. Issued to Richard Montgomery Blair II of Bentonville, William Ross Allen of Pea Ridge, and Shaun Mcrae Smith of Gravette. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.


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