PFT’s Week 7 2022 NFL power rankings

PFT’s Week 7 2022 NFL power rankings

1. Eagles (6-0; No. 1): It’s hard to find that first potential “L” for the best team in the league.

2. Bills (5-1; No. 2): This year, they really need their regular-season win in K.C. to result in a rematch in Buffalo.

3. Chiefs (4-2; No. 3): They’ll need to dig deep to avoid falling to 4-3, with a Super Bowl LIV rematch looming.

4. Cowboys (4-2; No. 4): They need to shake off Sunday night and focus on rattling off a few wins.

5. Giants (5-1; No. 8): Imagine how good they’ll be when they’re able to rectify more of the prior regime’s personnel mistakes.

6. Vikings (5-1; No. 11): At some point, winning games late isn’t a fluke. It’s a habit.

7. Jets (4-2; No. 12): Ten years after the Butt Fumble, they may be ready for NBC prime time, again.

8. Ravens (3-3; No. 6): If they ever learn how to hold a double-digit fourth-quarter lead, they’ll be unstoppable.

9. Titans (3-2; No. 10): A lot of teams they’ll be competing with for playoff position lost this weekend, except the Colts.

10. Packers (3-3; No. 9): They need OBJ, ASAFP.

11. Buccaneers (3-3; No. 5): Maybe Tom Brady is quiet quitting.

12. Bengals (3-3; No. 13): It would be nice to see them beat someone convincingly.

13. Patriots (3-3; No. 16): Just as the leaves fall from the trees, the Patriots climb it.

14. Falcons (3-3; No. 20): Arthur Smith, coach of the year?

15. Chargers (4-2; No. 15): How has this team won four of six games?

16. 49ers (3-3; No. 7): At least they didn’t blow a 28-3 lead.

17. Dolphins (3-3; No. 14): It’s Tua time, just in time.

18. Rams (3-3; No. 17): Cam Akers is the first player to want off the Sean McVay ride. Will Akers be the last?

19. Colts (3-2-1; No. 19): That Thursday night win over the Broncos could end up being the springboard for a playoff run.

20. Seahawks (3-3; No. 24): Wouldn’t it be something if Seattle makes the playoffs and Denver doesn’t?

21. Jaguars (2-4; No. 18): The moment they built a 14-0 lead in Philly, they fell apart.

22. Browns (2-4; No. 21): The Browns is still the Browns.

23. Steelers (2-4; No. 29): Once again, they become the most dangerous when everyone counts them out.

24. Saints (2-4; No. 22): Dennis Allen is the head coach, but I’m still waiting to see who’ll replace Sean Payton.

25. Cardinals (2-4; No. 23): Maybe Kliff Kingsbury can be Matt Rhule’s offensive coordinator next year.

26. Raiders (1-4; No. 27): The window is open to win some games.

27. Commanders (2-4; No. 31): With Carson Wentz out for a few weeks, why not see what Sam Howell can do?

28. Broncos (2-4; No. 25): Broncos country, let’s slide.

29. Bears (2-4; No. 26): Justin Fields is getting better and better. If only he had anyone else around him who was doing the same.

30. Texans (1-3-1; No. 28): They probably should shoot to the top 20 simply for firing Jack Easterby.

31. Lions (1-4; No. 30): They’ll always have Hard Knocks.

32. Panthers (1-5; No. 32): Robby Anderson should send Steve Wilks a thank-you note.

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