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Raiders OT Thayer Munford Jr. works with first-team offense on Wednesday

The Raiders have continued to shuffle their offensive line around over the last few weeks as they search for a solution at right tackle. But after the injury to Brandon Parker, a new contender has emerged.

Thayer Munford Jr. started in Week 1 of the preseason at right tackle and didn’t perform too terribly. In fact, he might be the current favorite to win the job.

In a recent article by Tashan Reed of The Athletic, he mentioned that Munford continued to start at right tackle during Wednesday’s practice over Alex Leatherwood. Here is what he had to say about the seventh-round pick from Ohio State:

“After starting against the Vikings and playing well, Thayer Munford Jr. took most of the starting right tackle snaps at practice Wednesday. Alex Leatherwood rotated in here and there with the first team offense but spent a lot of time with backup units.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Munford did leave practice early on Wednesday after being injured late in the day. While he initial belief is that it’s nothing too serious, it’s something to monitor over the next few days as he needs as many preseason reps as possible.

Munford is nowhere near the athlete that Leatherwood is, but he does have size and length to his advantage. But like Leatherwood, he doesn’t have the quickest feet and speed can give him some problems off the edge.

Time will tell if Munford can land the starting right tackle job. But after a few weeks, it appears he is in the lead over Leatherwood for that spot.


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Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire

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