State Rep. Joe Jett of Success, chair of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, won’t be running for re-election this year.

He passed along the note above, which says that without exactly saying that, but confirmed when I asked:


Yes I am going to seek another adventure in life. Not sure what that might be as of yet. Probably go fight some aerial fires in the mountains out west for awhile.

Jett is serving his fifth term in the House. He started as a Democrat, but switched parties in 2016 band was welcomed by the leadership of the growing Republican majority. He’s in a fourth term as chair of the important tax committee, a time that saw significant income tax cuts, particularly for the wealthy. He departed from party orthodoxy more than most Republicans, as this record of non-voting and an occasion no on some GOP agenda bills in 2021 illustrates.

Jett is a farmer and aviator who’s certified as a flight instructor.


I asked him if future plans might include a run for Congress, something he once considered back in his time as a Democrat. He responded:

I really don’t know Max. As you know, it seems I’m not in step some of the time with some of my colleagues. After last session I knew I needed time to unwind and relax. It just seems with the special sessions and extended session I never got time to do that. So I just think it’s best for me to step aside and take care of myself and family for awhile. I’ve been in the General Assembly for 10 years. Then before that I served 5 years as a commissioner on the Arkansas Aeronautics Commission. So I’ve had 15 on non-stop public service. So I just felt like it’s time.

But I’ll not rule anything out in my future.