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SATYA MicroCapital Raises USD 15mn Led by Japan Based Investor Gojo and Company Inc.


Micro-finance firm SATYAMicroCapital Limited has recently raised fresh funding of worth USD 15mn led by its existing Japan based investor-Gojo & Company Inc. The total amount of fiscal backing is constituted by USD 8mn being allocated to Debt and USD 7mn being allocated to Equity. SATYA plans to use these funds to expand its terrestrial footprints and magnify its diverse product portfolio. This is for the first time SATYA has received debt funding from Gojo & Company Inc.

MD, CIO and CEO, SATYA MicroCapital – Vivek Tiwari

Headquartered in New Delhi, SATYA currently has 350+ branches in more than 35000 villages of over 225 Districts in 21 states catering to more than 9 lac clients who seek credit help for their income generation and income growth purpose in sectors such as agriculture, animal husbandry, business/trade, production/services, and water sanitation purposes. With its operational journey started in 2017, SATYA MicroCapital is addressing the financial inclusion opportunity emblematic approach to traditional microfinance by directing comprehensive emphasis on leveraging technology for improvising the customer experience along with reducing operational costs.

Sharing his views on recent round of funding, MD, CIO & CEO, SATYA MicroCapital Ltd., Vivek Tiwari said, “We are certain that these funds will enable SATYA to accomplish its vision of reaching 50 lakh households by the year 2025. This will also propel SATYA to consistently grow and empower more Entrepreneurs from the underserved sections of society. The pandemic has posed an inevitable threat to livelihoods of self-employed women in rural boundaries who majorly constitute our client base. We will be channelizing this funding to provide essential and affordable credit services to women micro-entrepreneurs for the revival of their livelihood and businesses via our extensive operational network. We are deeply appreciative for our investors unwavering faith in our organization. Receiving this type of new and fresh money infusion supports any MFIs business model and boosts its confidence exponentially. This will undoubtedly restore investor confidence in the sector.”

Despite of last financial year disrupted by the pandemic, SATYA emerged as one of the fastest growing and highly technology driven Microfinance Institutions in the country. SATYA has evolved as a digitally advanced institution for effective facilitation of affordable and accessible microcredit facilities entailing income generating loans, insurance, and other products to customers at the bottom of the pyramid who have limited or no access to formal financial services in India. It always follows a customer-centric approach of business by focusing on the holistic development of the customer. SATYA continuously engages with its customers to understand their expectations and respond to their needs, which in turn helps in building a long-term relationship with them. At the heart of each product and services offered, SATYA endeavors to prioritize client’s needs without any negligence. It also enables us to identify their current and evolving interests, which is fed into our strategy planning process.

The organization is committed to serving and uplifting the rural section of society by promoting financial independence and providing the appropriate resources in terms of manpower, operational area, client outreach, and credit products. The epicenter of SATYA’s operations is driving women empowerment channeled via strategic generation of opportunities in relevance with income growth and generation. The company aims to induce a social touch to lending by integrating modern technology into the Microfinance industry.

SATYA is an institution built with a vision of change, transformation and is a differentiator in the financial inclusion space. As a microfinance institution, SATYA stays vested in forging a sustainable social impact through myriad of community development and financial literacy programmes.