Selling Drugs In Kansas City Urban Core Okay In The Name Of Diversity?!?

Selling Drugs In Kansas City Urban Core Okay In The Name Of Diversity?!?

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Here’s a quick question about new rules given so many enthusiastic purveyors of potentially harmful substances popping up in the KCMO urban core.

Don’t get it twisted, TKC is not a teetotaler but the politics of drug pushing can be fascinating in much the same way that rich, white families were allowed to flood rural communities with opioids and only had to pay fines despite so many deadly overdoses and the outright degradation of American culture.

Again, here’s the question . . .

Is pushing weed and booze in urban communities okay as along as the branding is “diverse” and speaks to progressive values?!?!

It’s unclear if the distinction matters to victims of liver & lung disease but the branding questions are important to the local discourse.

To be fair, here are a few resources that are far more enthusiastic about newbie purveyors of harsh substances that often spark problems with addiction amongst Americans in the urban core and beyond.

Check-it . . .

KC area breweries give an update on their participation with “Black is Beautiful”

In July of 2020, many Kansas City area breweries joined in the initiative. Started by Black is Beautiful Weathered Souls Brewing out of San Antonio, Texas, the initiative is an attempt to bring issues that Black people face to the forefront and to encourage breweries to donate to social justice organizations.

Crafted within hip hop culture, Black-owned KC cannabis brand hopes to reshape a flowering industry

It isn’t enough to be first, Ronald Rice said, announcing Franklin’s Stash House’s entry into Greenlight stores – a move that sees the Kansas City cannabis company become the first Black-owned brand sold at a dispensary in the state.

You decide . . .

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