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Sen. Alan Clark: Guilty as charged

Arkansas News Headlines
Arkansas News Headlines

Michael Wickline of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette got an interview with Sen. Alan Clark about the Senate Ethics Committee finding that he should be punished for claiming expense payment for a meeting he didn’t attend.

He hung himself out to dry.

He said even more directly what he’d essentially said in a series of whining Facebook posts that we wrote about earlier:

He asked to be paid $155 for attending a meeting he didn’t attend.

He posed this question to Wickline which the Ethics Committee has already answered by a unanimous vote, but I will as well.

“Are they trying to take this, which compared to so many things, and send a message how pure we are with ethics, which is not the message that will end up coming out? Do they really think that it was that terrible? Do they think that I am trying to steal $159?”


Clark seems to think his intention to attend was enough and that he’d done everyone a favor by not attending because he felt ill. Not so ill that he didn’t attend a Republican meeting after he asked Sen. Mark Johnson to sign in for him about 11:20 a.m. June 3 as present for a Boys State meeting that he did not plan to attend.

He blames politics for the news and everyone but himself. He sounds like someone who plans to get even with his accusers — “burn the house down,” was a phrase he used in ranting about Sen. Jimmy Hickey pressing the ethics case. Which would be about right for his brand of Christianity. No cheek-turning for Clark (even if you consider a righteous ethics complaint an unprovoked assault.)

Oh. Clark did say he made a “mistake.”

His alibi isn’t being universally praised.



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