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Senate sticks to budget business, rejects dyslexia license plate bill


The Senate held fast to limiting business to budget bills — save those dealing with a major state expenditure, public employee insurance — by defeating a resolution from Sen. Alan Clark to allow the introduction of a special license plate bill.

The bill would allow a special license plate for an Arkansas dyslexia support group. it would allow a $25 charge for each plate to go to the group. Sen. Keith Ingram. who said it was a good cause and who said he had a family member with dyslexia, asked why the measure couldn’t wait until a regular legislative session. Ingram opposed the legislature adding an every-other-year fiscal session in the first place, thinking it unnecessary.

Clark said he’d talked to the group about that concern, but they wanted to move ahead. He said he’d hold no grudges against anyone who opposed the resolution because of a desire to limit business to budget matters. He said he wouldn’t say any senator who voted no was against helping kids learn how to read.

Needing 24 votes for approval of a resolution to allow the introduction of the bill (a barrier in the House as well), Clark got 18 votes and the measure failed.

I am taking this as a hopeful sign that the session will be completed expeditiously.

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