Sunday gasbag alert: Asa again

Sunday gasbag alert: Asa again

Tomorrow is Sunday and you know what that means: Would-be presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson will appear on a Sunday cable gasbag show.

This week: Fox News Sunday. Check your local listings.

Could be interesting. Fox News is avoiding mention of the insurrection hearings, except to criticize them. Governor Hutchinson, for all his manifest shortcomings, has been willing to say what most Republican politicians and Fox News will not: That Joe Biden won a fair election for the presidency.

More likely he’ll talk about the way to stop mass slaughters by guns is to do anything but pass gun safety legislation. He’ll also be happy to blame high prices on Joe Biden and bang on his former friends in China. Tough questions? I wouldn’t expect them. OAN or Newsmax might be another matter for someone who hasn’t wholly endorsed the Trump election lie.

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