Track of Today: Screaming Mimes’ ‘Answer Machine’

Track of Today: Screaming Mimes’ ‘Answer Machine’
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Y’all, it’s happening. Isaac Alexander, the melody maker behind Big Silver, The Eulogy Brothers and an impeccable set of solo albums, got his school days band, Screaming Mimes, back together.



From the band’s Instagram:30 years in the making, The Screaming Mimes present “Pleasure Avenue” — featuring Isaac Alexander on vocals, rhythm guitar and bass; Rob Bell on keyboards and bass; David Shedd on lead/rhythm guitars and bass; and Aaron Brister on drums and percussion. PLUS the Mimes were also stoked to collaborate with Norman Williamson on alto saxophone, Jose Holloway on trumpet, Stephen Colby on baritone saxophone/flute and the incomparable Bijoux on background vocals. Grab your Discman or jam box — or just settle for your AirPods — and prepare to shake your caboose.

Words fail, except maybe these two: Fuck, yes.

Here’s to “Pleasure Avenue,” out everywhere and streaming 24 hours a day all damn weekend.

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