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Tulsa Man Tries To Steal SUV, Women Inside Fight Back Causing A Crash

A group of citizens, who saw a carjacking, chased down the suspect and held him for police. A woman visiting a cell phone store near 41st and Darlington told police a man jumped into her car and tried to force her out of the vehicle.

Her two children and another relative were inside the car. The woman told officers she and the carjacker fought for control of the vehicle as the carjacker drove away.

Witnesses said several customers and employees ran out of the T-Mobile store and chased after the SUV, which crashed into a pole in an adjacent parking lot.

The carjacker jumped out and ran, but the citizens caught him less than a block away. He had minor injuries and was checked at the scene by EMSA. Police arrested Talon McKain on complaints of kidnapping and robbery.

Officers said the SUV was parked outside the store while one person went inside. The suspect jumped in demanding the car and that the front seat passenger get out. In the ensuing fight, police say the suspect bit the woman, who was treated at the scene by EMSA.

The carjacker drove into an adjacent parking lot at a restaurant, where the SUV hit a pole and the suspect jumped out.

A group of citizens caught up with him on South Erie Avenue.

Tulsa Police Officer John Zaferes said, “The good citizens of this city, they’re sitting in T-Mobile, they see it, they react, and the bad guy backs it up, heads east and crashes into a pole. Other citizens come out of the T-Mobile and now there’s a band of good people chasing the bad guy.”

A T-Mobile representative at the store declined comment.