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Uh oh. Critical race theory spotted in Little Rock


OK, the headline is satirical. Maybe a little.

But it is no joke that this is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author worth seeing, hearing and reading. Her book “Caste” is an eye-opener. It’s about centuries of oppression of Black people and the continuation of that oppression today in an artificial hierarchy akin to a caste system.

Arkansas legislators haven’t made such talks at colleges illegal, yet. A few of them would do well to join the live stream and learn a few things. Could we get per diem approved for a committee of the whole attendance plan? Sorry, Sen. Clark, you really have to attend to get paid. And no signing in non-attendees, Sen. Johnson.

Wilkerson is also the author of another book worth buying, “The Warmth of Other Suns,” about the great migration of Black people from places like Arkansas to better opportunities elsewhere .

You can register to attend the program in person here.

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