Watch: Trailer for upcoming HBO documentary on Shaquille O’Neal

The Los Angeles Lakers have had several dominant big men throughout their history, and their lineage of such players is a huge part of their championship tradition.

But the most dominant one in team history was Shaquille O’Neal.

For eight seasons with them, he put fear into the hearts and minds of his opponents, and once Kobe Bryant matured into a superstar, the Lakers reached the NBA Finals four times in five seasons, winning three straight championships.

Off the court, O’Neal has been as big a personality as any with his humor, braggadocio and countless endorsements and TV appearances.

Later this month, HBO will air a documentary about him, and the network has just released a trailer.

This documentary will come on the heels of some other excellent ones that have recently been released, such as “The Last Dance,” “They Call Me Magic” and “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers.”

For a trip down memory lane to a more glorious period in team history, not to mention a respite from the team’s recent struggles, fans will want to catch O’Neal’s documentary when it premiers on Nov. 23.


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